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Microblading • Nano Brows • Ombré Brows

Microblading/Nano Brows

Microblading is a technique in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add pigment to the skin and create fine strokes that appear to look like hair. It is typically used to create, enhance or reshape the eyebrow’s appearance while still looking natural. The shape and pigment choice is based off of each client’s facial structure, complexion and hair color. This appointment duration is about 2-3 hours. The results can last anywhere from 1 to 2 years depending on your skin type and how you take care of them. For Nano Brows a PMU Machine is used to create the hairstrokes.


Ombre Brows

The Ombre procedure is for those who enjoy a darker fuller eyebrow look. The procedure applies the pigment in a powder like fashion using a PMU(Permanent Make Up) Machine. The beginning of the brow starts natural and bright and darkens through the tips of the tail of the brows giving that perfect light to dark look. This look is recommended for women who are looking for more of a makeup / powder look rather than a natural brow look.


Microblading with Ombre

Microblading with Ombre is the perfect combination of natural hairstrokes with a touch of a makeup effect. The hairstrokes are created throughout the brow and the ombre/shading is added in the inside to give the appearance that the brows are filled in with pencil. This is a great option for someone looking for their brows to still look natural while having a hint of penciled in effect. This is a great everyday look but still looks great when you are wearing more makeup.


The Process


Everybodys face and facial structure is different, therefore everybody receives a custom tailored plan made for their face. During the Consultation Process our technician will take the look you desire and your face and facial structure into consideration, and with your cooperation and approval determine the look you want. Determining the thickness, shape, and strokes needed the technician can then lay down the design.

Microblading Consultation

Working with the specifications agreed upon, the technician will carefully draw your new eyebrow design on your brows. Once the pencil design is approved the technician can move forward with the procedure.

With every strand being micro bladed individually, to prevent any discomfort we apply a Numbing Cream.


Using a State of the Art Microblading pen every strand of hair is precisely applied. With hair like strokes the effect of a Natural Fuller look is achieved. The right pigment is custom blended to match your look. Because every strand matters, our technicians take their time applying the pigment strand by strand with diligence and care. The entire process can take up to 3 hours.


The Microblading procedure itself is not known to be a painful procedure, in fact discomfort or swelling of the eyebrows is rarely ever experienced. Although there is not much Post Care, a mandatory 1 month check up is needed to check the status of your brows and for any touch-ups required. Additional Touch ups can be suggested and scheduled for you as well.

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