5 Things to Avoid After Getting Microblading Done


5 Things to Avoid After Getting Microblading Done

Ok, let’s talk about the After care process for Microblading. I get a lot of questions about the after care and I can’t stress enough how important it is for the final results of the microblading. How you take care of your eyebrows in the days and weeks following the procedure will determine how well they stay. There are however, other factors, that will affect the retention. But for now I will go over what to do to keep them protected and avoid fading.

For the first 2 weeks it is crucial to avoid the following: Water, sweat, sun, sleeping with your face on the pillow and picking the scabs. Let me break this down for you.


Getting the Eyebrows wet during the healing/scabbing process is not recommended. Water will loosen and lighten the pigment and will not allow the microblading to retain in the skin. I recommend to wash your face in the sink. Wash from the bottom of the eyes down normally, without splashing water on your face. The forehead can be washed using a face wipe. You can also take a cotton round, wet it, add a drop of cleanser, then circle it around the forehead. Make sure you are careful not to touch the eyebrows. Then take another cotton round with just a bit of water to clean off the cleanser.


For the same reason that water should be avoided during the healing/scabbing process after microblading, sweat should also be avoided. Sweat comes from the inside of the skin and can push the pigment out and cause the microblading strokes not to retain. Even a “Light Workout” can cause you to sweat. You may think you’re “not a sweater” but you can potentially cause the microblading to fade by working out. It is crucial to avoid sweating during these first two weeks. If you are still scabbing after 2 weeks, continue to avoid sweat until all the scabs/ flaking skin have fallen off.


Believe it or not Sun exposure can affect the retention of the microblading. The UV Rays in the sun can make the pigment fade very quickly. For this reason sun exposure should be avoided for a total of 4 weeks. For the first 2 weeks it is recommended to avoid the sun completely. If there is no way to avoid being outdoors I recommend to wear a hat that can block the sun. After the first 2 weeks (if you are still scabbing after 2 weeks wait until all the scabs fall off) you can wear sun block on the eyebrows if you will be outdoors. It is still recommended to wear a hat to be safe.


I always tell my clients this is extremely crucial but the most difficult part to avoid. When we sleep we usually have one side of our face that touches a pillow. That is the case no matter how you sleep. Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper. It is very important to try to avoid touching the pillow with your face because the pillow itself can rub against the eyebrows and cause the scabs to fall off prematurely. This will cause the microblading strokes to fade completely. I recommend sleeping on your back and using a travel pillow to add some space between your face and the pillow.

One last thing

Do not try to pick at the scab to make it fall off quicker. I know this process may be uncomfortable but it is necessary and inevitable. Please be conscious that you are spending a good amount of money for beautiful eyebrows and how well you take care of them will determine how they will look when it’s all done. I do like to reiterate that in some cases the body can naturally reject pigment and this can cause you to need a third touch up. Although this is rare, it can happen. If you think you followed all of the directions and it still didn’t retain 100% don’t worry we can always just schedule another session.