About Me

Hi! I’m Stefania Perez

AAM Platinum Trainer

Member and Diplomat of American Academy of Micropigmentation

Trained and Certified by @BrowDaddy for Ombre Brows

Trained and Certified by @PermanentBeautyByLili for Nano Brows

Trained and Certified by @BrowsByLinnie for Ombre Brows

Completed Master Class at Eye Design NYC©

Over 5 years Experience and performed over 3,000 Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

Trained by World Renowned Hiyan Bitar of Derma Couture

Story About Stefania

I’m Stefania Perez, the owner of Feminink Beauty Studio, I am a licensed Permanent Makeup artists, having trained with some of the most well-known instructors and artists in the industry.

I started Feminink Beauty Studio soon after having my own Microblading treatment done. I started getting obsessed with my eyebrows at the age of 15. I tried shaping my eyebrow with a razor blade which was a really bad idea. I had to wear a band-aid on my eyebrow for several weeks until the hair grew back.

Since then, I saw the importance of eyebrows to beauty. They are like a frame to a beautiful picture. If the frame is ugly, then the picture loses it’s value. If the frame is perfect, then the picture is heightened.

I pride myself on professionalism and perfection in my work, at the same time I try to be as down to earth and approachable as possible, making sure everyone who trusts me with their face is comfortable and happy in my creative hands.

I love what I do. I’m passionate about permanent makeup and seeing the difference it can make to how a person looks and feels is a pleasure in itself.

Before the journey of Feminink Beauty Studio began, I worked as a makeup artist to make some extra money in College. For many year after that, I worked in finance and the stock market industry. But deep down, I kew this wasn’t what I enjoyed doing. I knew I always felt joy and happiness working on peoples faces and making them feel good about themselves. I knew I had to go back to doing what I loved. After that, I took the leap and started a beauty studio (Feminink Beauty Studio) and I’ve never been happier.

The importance of Permanent Makeup and Microblading is farfetched. My work enhances the appearance of the eyebrow and transforms your image. With a little help from me, you can get the look you’ve always wanted.

Get the results that you want at Feminink Beauty Studio!