Is Microblading Good For Oily Skin?


Is Microblading Good For Oily Skin?

Is Microblading Good For Oily Skin? Although having oily skin does not mean you are not eligible to get Microblading done it is important to note that it can cause more fading than usual.

If you have oily skin or combination skin the natural oils in your skin can cause the pigment to loosen up while you are healing. What this means is that less of the pigment is retaining in your skin and some of it can come off with the scab. When that happens the color will lighten more than anticipated. This is nothing to worry about because you will be returning for a touch up. During the touch up we can add more color and add back the strokes that faded. In the event that after the touch up your skin is still not retaining 100% we can do another touch up session. Following proper after care instruction will aid in making sure the color retains as well as possible.

For those women with very oily skin I recommend doing Nano strokes or Ombré brows or a combination of both if you still want a more natural look.

What are Nano Brows?

The Nano Brows method uses a micropigmentation machine, not a hand tool to create the illusion of hair strokes. (It achieves the same results as Microblading) The method used will be determined the day of the appointment once I analyze your skin. It can deposit the pigment into the skin better for oily skin and has the ability to retain better on oily skin than traditional Microblading. The Ombré brows, as I’ve described in a previous blog post, is more a shaded or make up look. It is not mandatory for oily skin but can potentially retain better. I will do a short consultation before every appointment to determine which method will be best for you.