Is Microblading right for Me?


Is Microblading right for Me?

Is Microblading Right For Me? I get a lot of women that tell me they’ve been considering Microblading but they don’t wear a lot of makeup so they don’t think it’s a good idea for them.  I always ask them, ‘do you pencil in your brows?’ If the answer is yes then I ask ‘Would you like to always have perfectly natural brows without penciling them in?’ …. Of Course! If the answer to the first question is no I ask ‘Why?’ Usually the answer to that is that they dont know how. So I pose the same question after: ‘Would you like to always have naturally perfect brows without filling them in?’ This gets them thinking.

Microblading is NOT makeup. It’s a semi permanent solution to get you perfectly natural brows every morning without the hassle of filling them in. So whether you are a Natural Nelly or a Makeup Mary microblading will change your life!

No one likes to fill in their brows. They love the look of full brows but waking up and filling in is a hassle. Imagine waking up and looking in the mirror and seeing a perfect pair of brows that don’t come off once you wash your face. This is achievable with Microblading.

Again Is Microblading Right For Me? If you’re not sure if microblading is right for you just ask yourself this ‘Do I want perfectly natural brows without having to fill them in?’ I promise you the answer will be yes. And whenever you are ready Feminink Beauty Studio in Montclair, NJ will be the right choice for you.


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