Why Choose Ombre Brows?


Why Choose Ombre Brows?

Ombre Brows, Powder Effect, Shading… all different names for essentially the same process. Ombre Brows, as I call them, is the process of creating a ‘filled in’ or ‘penciled in’ look for the eyebrows. It is Semi Permanent and won’t wash off in the shower.

From my experience doing Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup and Microblading I have noticed that Ombre Brows always end up being the preferred choice of women who are used to penciling in their brows every day. It is also a better choice for women with oily skin like myself. When I got my eyebrows microbladed I found myself penciling in my eyebrows shortly after they healed! My eyebrows looked amazing with just the Microblading but I needed more. I wondered why I was doing this and I realized it was because I was so used to the penciled in look that Microblading wasn’t enough. Adding to that my skin is very very oily so the Microblading did not last as long as I would have liked (a little less than a year.)

Women who have thick eyebrows are also great candidates for Ombre brows. This is because the thickness of their hair is greater than the hair strokes created by Microblading. This makes the Microblading less visible on eyebrows with thick hair surrounding it. The powder effect or Ombre look makes the brows look more shaped without looking unnatural.

Whenever I work with women who fall into either of these categories I always recommend going the route they may have not expected. Although they may come in expecting to get Microblading done, I always try to educate them as to why Ombre brows might be better for them. If they’re still not sure, we start off conservative and stick to Microblading. I always say we can add but we cannot remove. So I let them “sleep on it” and see how they feel about the Microblading before their one month touch up. Most of the time they end up going the Ombre route when they come back a month later.

My goal is to give everyone the most appropriate brows possible for their face. Sometimes the means some amazing Ombre brows.

To get a consultation to see if Ombre Brows might be right for you visit us at Feminink Beauty Studio in Montclair NJ or

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